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Monday, November 4, 2013

Mary Moriarty

Ever since I was a child, my mom and grandma would take me to thrift shops and flea markets. I used to love to meet all the vendors and see all of the treasures they had collected over the years. People who frequent antique markets share a certain bond--a love for ephemera, and a need to be surrounded by beautiful objects from the past. I used to be more of a collector, but the limitations of a small New York apartment only allow for so many beloved artifacts. Now, I prefer photographing people and collecting their stories.

This weekend I met the most wonderful woman at the Out of The Blue Flea Market in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mary Moriarty runs a great booth out of the market, open the last Saturday of every month. I noticed her as soon as I walked through the hall and asked if I could take her photograph. Mary told me, "I love to dress flamboyantly and I am 75-years old." Meeting Mary was the highlight of my trip to the Scotland!


Sara Daniele said...

She is so lovely. Her style is adorable. Congrats for the blog.

Anonymous said...

My 4-year-old Daughter found a leopard print fez at the flea market
yesterday, I've been calling it her Advanced Style find.

First time commenter, long time lurker. I am a big fan. If you are ever in Seattle could you do a piece on Leroy's Suits: I always see fabulously dressed older gentleman talking outside this shop. I am so intrigued.

When I am down, I look to Advanced Style to give me hope for advancing in age. Thanks Ari for such a great site.

Cassiana Garms said...

Congratulations! She is very charming. xx CG

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Beauty and elegance. That is what shines through Mary

Lydia Armstrong said...

She looks so innocent. I love her face.

Katie Appleyard said...

Wow these are the most gorgeous photos. What a coat! Glad I found this site.


Jenny said...

I love these photo's, she's so full of life and what a coat!

June said...

A beautiful and delightful woman

Patsycatsy said...

She's incredibly charming!
Keep on blogging, your blog is amazing! Best wishes from Poland, Patsycatsy.


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