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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Alice Carey's New Pants

Alice Carey has an amazing wardrobe made up of vintage treasures that she has collected over the years. She found her bespoke jacket at a local thrift store and her pants were a gift from an old friend. I am always inspired by Alice's ability to bring elegance and glamor to old pieces of men's clothing. To learn more about my wonderful friend, check out her memoir HERE.


laurina wong said...


vintageterapia said...

I love over all that male style, for every age. Congratulations, you know where is the real fashion.

Tilda said...

I LOVE Alice Carey and her unique style!

Anonymous said...

Alice carries her look off with such panache. I have a question - in the 2nd pic how does Alice's gorgeous towering books not topple? Gail from Australia


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