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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Advanced Style Party Video

Check out this great video from one of my favorite German style blogs TwoforFashion.It really captures the spirit of last night's party.


Slow Southern Style said...

Congrats, looks like it was a great event!

Terri said...

You do know how to throw a party. This would have been THE event of Fashion Week!

Cameron said...

That video was awesome, Ari! I didn't notice Tavi until I looked a little closer at the lass in pink earlier in the video. Very cute outfit on her.

And I loved seeing your subjects in their most colourful outfits, too! May I look that awesome in another 20 years; will be 33 next week.

Also heard you on BBC World Service, btw. Loved hearing one of my new favourite bloggers on my little radio!

Bisous ! xoxoxoxo

Miss Able said...

So great!

Miss Able said...

So great!


Hello Ari :)
Looks like your party was a lot of fun ! Too bad I couldn't be there !:))
Giovanna came and sends you a big THAN YOU !:)
Best wishes from Paris !

Tessa G. said...

I absolutely love this video! I feel it catches such a wonderful and lively moment in time. I'm glad fun was had by all! :D

Sandra said...

What a blast! Now this is what I'm talkin about. A real fashion bonanza. Thank you Ari.

megan kathleen mcisaac said...

awh, so incredibly jealous. please come to the west coast sometime... SF or portland needs parties like this! and let me know if you ever need a photographer ;)

terry said...

So joyful!! I love it, thanks for sharing!

poca said...

Best. Dance. Party. EVER!

Thrifting Runway/Thrifting Style

Jean Hanna said...

Isn't that Ilona singing in the first part of the video?

I took painting lessons from her! I know she lives in Manhattan.


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