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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Long Line of Presentation

I ran into Rose near central park this past weekend.She shared some of the knowledge that she has acquired over the past 79 years. Rose told me, " There was always a long line of presentation. Not one item should outdo another. The pieces should compliment one another, to create one complete picture. This is how it used to be,there was an elegance before. We were working towards the face, everything was meant to flatter the face."

When I asked her why she wears gloves, she simply responded," To protect my hands."


Nelly said...

How darling is she? I love the fact she wears gloves Oh to have that old glamour back.

Shaheen Miro said...

I am so in love with gloves... I've been looking for a good pair and still havent found any. Love her style and the blues are beautiful!

kristine said...

So smart..... going online to find gloves like that!

Frocktasia said...

Dear Ari,
she's impeccably stylish and when you live in a city gloves is the way forward I think. I always have a pair with me for when travelling on public transport, they are not only chic but a great germ barrier too.
I have a weakness for those Victorian style gloves, I put that down to Madonna in the 80s ;)
Take care luv,

Lauren said...

Great style and great philosophy. I love her gloves - wish I had some like that for summer!

The Styleseer

Voyance said...

wow. this look is classic and chic mama! love you!

Terri said...

The gloves are perfect with this summery dress.

Bridal Clutch Bag said...

Hey guys..everyone here is talking about gloves only..Didn't you seen her bag..? Its really so cute..


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