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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Trend Is That There Are No Trends

One of the secrets to having Advanced Style is that these ladies and gentlemen dress to please themselves. Their trend is that there are no trends. Most of the people I meet keep with the latest fashion news and are aware of trends, but they don't rely on passing fads for style inspiration. One of the staple items for any advanced style fashionista is a great pearl necklace.
Whether worn underneath a coat, like the stunning woman above, or in dramatic strands,a pearl necklace will add a bit of timeless elegance to any outfit.


Hoyt said...

I love this!! So true.

An elegant strand of pearls is timeless.

Jan Heigh said...

Dear Ari;

Please keep doing what you do so well with this wonderful blog.

And some day when I'm in New York maybe we'll run into each other!


Amy said...

I just want to thank you for your beautiful posts and quick eye. Although I'm just a young pup, I gain so much inspiration from the ladies who grace your blog.

wfs said...

She's still blooming.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! The trend is that there are no trends!! So very empowering when you remember that! So much in the fashion world and the world in general exists to make you think that you are lacking; that you have no power. That is just simply not the case!


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