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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Do You Feel About Aging? Secrets From Ladies In Their 60s

I asked a group of women in their 60s, five questions dealing with aging, beauty and style. I usually give tips from ladies in their 80s and 90s, so it was interesting to hear the perspective of women who are just beginning to think about how aging affects their attitude and appearance. Here are the questions I asked, feel free to respond with your own answers in the comments section of the post.

1. How old are you? What are your concerns with your appearance as you get older. What is your attitude towards aging?

2.How do you take care of your skin, keep it looking healthy. Are you worried about wrinkles and aging skin?

3. How do you keep your hair looking healthy. Do you color your hair? What is your thoughts on gray hair?

4.How has your style changed as you have gotten older. Do you feel more free to experiment with style. How do you get out of a style rut?

5.Any advice you would give to others who are concerned with aging…

Anything else you ‘d like to add?

I will post the rest of the responses next week, for now enjoy these two hat loving ladies!

[Judith Boyd of The Style Crone]
1. I am 67 years old and most of the time I feel positive about aging. I feel fortunate to be alive as I have lost several dear friends over the past few years. Aware of my mortality and loss, I am grateful for this time of life. At times I am bothered by the changes that aging brings, as it is difficult not to internalize our culture's sometimes negative perceptions of older people. However, I believe that we are changing these perceptions so that a 20 year old and an 80 year old are both viewed as beautiful, just different. Ilona on Advanced Style presents the perfect role model for all of us to emulate. Loving and accepting myself is the first step in this process. My life is filled with vibrant people and experiences, so worrying about what aging brings does not serve me. I practice consciously focusing on creativity and expressing myself in the present.

2. I have a very healthy lifestyle. I believe my skin reflects my health in general, so I focus on taking care of myself. I eat a plant based diet and drink lots of water. I am devoted to yoga, and do something physical every day. I also meditate, practice mindfulness and focus on gratitude. All of this contributes to my health, which includes my skin. I use relatively inexpensive/natural products and have a routine day and night to clean and moisturize my skin. Our culture is youth obsessed, so it's difficult to avoid fear with aging. But as I mentioned above, worrying doesn't improve my appearance or my enjoyment of life.

3. My hair is short and I have it cut once per month. My hair has been cut to wear with hats since the early 80's, as I wear a chapeau every day and feel naked without my hat companion for the day. Again, my hair reflects my overall health, so that is always my focus. I color my hair, and at times I am tempted to go grey. Especially when I see Jenny in all her glory on Advanced Style. But for now, I'm happy with my red hair and who knows what I will do in the future. I love that we can support, celebrate and appreciate the choices of all.

4. As I've gotten older I have become more creative and more focused on self expression. I think that since I don't work full time in the health care industry at this point in my life, I can explore possibilities and stretch, expand, take risks. I have been known to change jobs when 'hat wearing' wasn't appreciated in the work environment. I wanted a 'hat friendly' environment and still do. Now I also desire a 'crone friendly' environment. So self expression has been a part of my life for a long time, and I am not fearful of experimenting with style. At this time I feel more freedom to do so without the confines of my job. My children are adults, so I can focus on myself and my desires to a larger degree. The internet provides a diversity of ideas from across the globe, and inspiration can be found everywhere.

5. I understand concern for aging and it's difficult to avoid. However, I would rather explore and enjoy all the possibilities available during this gift, this time of life, this world of creativity and potential. For today is all that we have and we have a choice as to how we spend our time and our resources. First of all, be compassionate with yourself and others and flow to the next best and wonderful experience that presents itself. I also love meeting new and interesting people from diverse backgrounds. Is there a better way to learn and grow? As long as I am healthy, aging is a fascinating adventure.

Thank you for this opportunity to express myself!
How old are you?
What are your concerns with your appearance as you get older.
Nora Ephron said it best. "I feel bad about my neck."
What is your attitude towards aging?
We have a detente.

2.How do you take care of your skin, keep it looking healthy?
I have had the same regimen since the 1970s.
1. I clean my face with Pond's Cold Cream. That get's the dirt out.
2. I wash with Clinique Mild Facial Soap in the bar form. It's rich and creamy. Then I rinse about 5 times.
3. I apply Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.
4. I always use sun block and hats to keep the sun off my face.
Are you worried about wrinkles and aging skin?
I'm not sitting around chewing my fingernails over it. That would make my fingernails look old.

3. How do you keep your hair looking healthy.
I rinse with Guinness Stout which I have on tap -- and I go to a very good salon.
Do you color your hair?
Only my hairdresser knows for sure.
What is your thoughts on gray hair?
It looks good on other women.

4.How has your style changed as you have gotten older.
I have always had a sense of style, but now I know I have a sense of style.

Do you feel more free to experiment with style.
Yes, now I can wear funny things on my head.

How do you get out of a style rut?
I don't do ruts.

5.Any advice you would give to others who are concerned with aging…
Exercise, eat right, take care of your skin and hair and don't wear old-lady pants with elastic waist bands.

Anything else you ‘d like to add?
The most important thing to maintain is a sense of humor.


Roxie said...

Good health, basic maintainence, stay cheerful. Yup - that says it all!

Martha Marques said...

I am 56 and decided to let my hair go natural at 50 (before that I used Henna to make my brown hair more of an auburn, but Henna on white hair turns a Ronald McDonald Orange -- pretty in strands but not in streaks). My hair is naturally fairly straight, not too thick, but has a wonderful silky texture that doesn't take well to chemicals. It is now waist length, over half white, and beautiful. I wear it up during the day and down for the evening. People comment on it frequently and almost always positively.

Deja Pseu said...

What a wonderful feature! I really enjoyed reading the viewpoints of these wonderfully stylish women.

Debra Rapoport said...

I love hearing what these women have to say...both are getting on with life, enjoying it and being with positive fun loving people. They are embracing their creativity and vitality. YES Let's go for it

Bloody Frida said...

Thank you for this blog - I only recently became aware of its existence, and I have to say it is now one of my top blogs to check out! Again, thank you and all your wonderful people you showcase.

sacramento said...

They are both fantastic, and it is wonderful to know what they have to say.
You are in my post today Ari.
Love to all of you fabulous ladies.

Style Odyssey said...

i enjoyed these ladies' insightful comments. and i couldn't help but notice that both have beautiful, luminous skin!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

My goal is to be Judith the Style Crone in my 60s...she is so incredibly stylish and classy. These women are inspirations to us all!

The Creative Beast said...

This is a great post Ari! Thank you for sharing the thoughts of these fabulous women on aging. They are really great and I love the responses - I know they'll help me as I begin my journey into aging, though I'm sure they would consider me a 'baby' being only 45 years old!

Susan said...

I guess I'm a bit young to be here, but I'm very nearly 48. I've noticed some face sagging and wrinkles in the past year, but I've not been well for most of it and I think it shows. I think my concerns about getting older are health related and not wrinkle related. Though hoping that this year should see the end to a long term health problem. Then I'm looking forward to getting my life back, and moving on.
Hair, silver in places, but not enough to stand up alone in my natural colour, so I have a very light ash blonde which does not dye the silver and everything blends in. So looking forward to being mostly silver and going natural.
I'm rather conservative when it comes to clothes, but I'm finding that I care less about what others think about what I wear and I wear what I like. Because of my job I tend to live in jeans and tee shirts, and sometimes wish I had a job where I could be a little dressy at times. But I love my job.
Just go for it, wear what you like and look how you want to look, don't be concerned about what others think about your dress style. If you have niggling health problems as ladies of our age often do, don't put up with them, get them sorted, and then you can get on with enjoying this next phase of your life.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Stellar words of wisdom from two smart, stylish women. Looking forward to seeing these questions answered by more of the amazing women on your blog.

Shrinky Inky said...

A lovely post and I am enjoying reading what the ladies say! As for me -
1. I am 50 years old and I fight the aging tooth and nail, which are the only things on me that do not look 50. As for my attitude toward aging - I'm not suited to it but I'll take it over the alternative ;)

2. I do take excellent care of my skin all over. I have moisturized diligently since I was 15 and avoided the sun at all costs. I'm concerned over the current middle age sag but alas, it's inevitable, so I accept it.

3. I go to a salon every 6-8 weeks to cover the gray. I love it on other women but I'm not suited for it (yet). Currently my hair is flaming red, but come March I will dye it deep blue for spring. So I can truly be the "Blue Haired Old Lady" I've always dreamed of being.

4. My mother says I have been a strange person since birth. It's never changed. Right now I have a 40's vintage aesthetic.

5. Enjoy it, it happens ;)

deborah said...

i am 58 and have been concerned about all this for several years already. thank you for this! these women are so beautiful! xxx

Anonymous said...

How wonderful it was to see your interview with one of my favorite stylish, creative and elegant icons, Judith Boyd from Style Crone. As a woman in my 60's I get very annoyed with comments about women in their 60's, 70's etc. not looking their ages because they look good. Come on world get with it women can and do look great at any age as long as the desire to do so is there!

sadnra said...

I'm loving this q&a series. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As a woman of 60 living in a somewhat conservative smaller city and having started to gray in my late 20's, i so enjoy these interview questions with women from larger metropolitan areas that always seemed freer to explore with fashion than i believed we were here.....
However, as i age i have come to realize that the whole fashion thing is about the individual, not the environment so much!
i have never colored my hair and it is the subject of great conversations with women that always start out with "well if my hair would gray like yours, i would consider not coloring my hair"....
i'm a bit on the chubby side, so wrinkles are just becoming noticeable on my face, etc., but i figure i have earned each wrinkle and it's not the end of the world.
It's all a process and for the most part i am enjoying it with all my friends, both younger and older, at my side.

Debbie said...

Thank you to the beautiful ladies!

Sue said...

I love this - especially since there's been much discussion about aging around this house of late.
1. I turn 60 next week. I find it fascinating. This baby boomer never dreamed this age would be upon me so quickly. I admit to lots of mirror gazing, wondering if I look 60. The only thing about my appearance that makes me unhappy is my weight, and that's my own doing...
2. I've always taken good care of my skin, starting with washing it, with soap, every day. I think that if you are walking through bus fumes and other environmental nonsense, you have to get clean. I am fortunate to make my own soap, lotion, and skin cream. Drink lots of water! Moisturize from the inside, too.
3. I color my hair, and have for over 20 years - to add substance and style to my hair, not to cover the gray - I believe I'm about 30% gray, mostly at the temples. I've always worn my hair short, and plan someday to be short-haired with gleaming white or silver all over.
4. I used to work in the stock market and wear proper suits and heels every day. Now I work in a more casual environment, much of it home based. I wear a lot of drape-y and handpainted items. I am free to play with my look because I am finally not dressing to advance or impress. I only care that I not embarrass my adult children!
5. I find aging fascinating, as I mentioned earlier. I'm so fortunate to have seen and done all that I have so far, and am looking forward to the future!

Again, thank you for highlighting these fascinating people.

Musette said...


Thank you for this wonderful post! I'm 55 and just beginning to realize that I'm aging (to all of you who are a bit younger: yes, it seems that it actually HAPPENS! LOL!) - but I've decided to focus on the positives: Health (mental and physical), a positive outlook (I'm healthy and I'm still here) and appreciating every day..

here's the funny thing: as I begin to focus on those things more, my appearance, which had deteriorated as I lamented my aging, has begun to dramatically improve!!!

The Style Crone is MY HERO!


sandrabp said...

Thanks for this site; i just found it today.
I am a woman of color--Native American/Af.Amer. and would love to see you integrate older women of color and their style tips, esp. for skincare. Thanks!

LANA said...

I love this blog and I think age is in the eyes of the beholder. I am 62 and even though I see and feel the effects of aging I still think I am doing pretty good. I wash my face with goat milk soap, use Clinique products, wear minimal make-up. I do colour my hair as right now my natural colour is mousey salt and pepper. When it gets more white (I tried growing it out twice already) I hope to grow it out eventually. I eat healthy vegetarian food and have good genes for longivity. My grandmother lived to be 104, and looked 75. The two really negative things about getting older are I have weight issues that I never had before menopause and I plan on having a "lifestyle lift" in a few years, as I really dislike the neck/jowl thing that is going on, and I just want to look like myself again. Other than that, I look forward to my advancing years and hope to be one hell of a 90 year old.

Fabienne Jach said...

I love this blog and what the women have to say. I'm 44 and I've never felt younger or happier. I take care of myself, I live my life with a truth close to my heart and with as little fear as possible. Work? Sometimes. Worth it? Absolutely! Getting older isn't what it used to be. I'm very excited about that.

:) f

The House in the Clouds

Anonymous said...

I'm 45 and take greater care of myself today than ever before. You women are an inspiration. Thank you for aging gracefully. :)

Deborah McLaughlin said...

I like the second lady's comment about aging: "we have a detente." Made me laugh out loud. I will be 62 in a couple of weeks and I've reached a truce with aging too. My doctor (75 and going strong - walks to work every day) recently told me: "we're lucky to be old!" Since I lost my best friend at age 14, another dear friend before she was 60 and my father at age 56: I do indeed feel lucky to be old - but nobody's old unless they allow themselves to be! This is a wonderful blog full of great insight and attitudes! I'm so happy to have found you.

Maureen said...

Judith, SC, has influenced me enormously. I don't have her vintage clothes buying skills but I now only buy clothes that suit me and my shape, even if I have to pay.

I now put on lipstick and make an effort to look nice. Other sites from her blog have lead me to advice on how to dress.

I eat healthily and keep active. My New Years resolution is to begin Pilates.

There must be many 60+ women these 60+ women have influenced and improved their lives.

Thank you

Murgesh N said...

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genius786 said...

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ces s said...

1. I’m 53 and my main concern about my appearance as I’m getting older is my waddle! Otherwise I’m happy to age as it’s far better than the alternative. My best friend died at 48 and I’ve got to live long for the both of us.
2. I wash it with a gentle soap in the shower morning and night. For moisturiser I use a little bio oil and I take Imedeen Prime Renewal every day. I’m not hugely worried about wrinkles as long as my eyesight continues to assist me in not becoming too critical. I should do more exercise so I’m going back to swimming as I feel great when I glide through the water.
3. I use Keratin after I wash it and my hairdresser advises me what to do with colouring. At the moment I am much lighter than normal at the ends (not quite blonde) but the roots are a mixture of blonde, my natural brown colour and natural highlights (grey!). I love grey hair – one of my closest friends is completely grey and she looks FABULOUS but it is important that you have a good haircut when you are completely grey!
4. I know what suits me and I do make more of an effort when I’m feeling fat or ugly. You can’t just throw anything on like you can when you are younger. I do need to lose weight as I know that will make me feel much better about my figure – because under all this fat I do have a good figure. I’m playing with my style at the moment and planning a huge makeover as I’m moving to more classical style with a little eclectic and eccentricity thrown in for fun. The funny thing is that my husband thinks I’m most beautiful in the morning when my hair is all agog and I’m wearing no make up and just my pajamas. Did I mention he’s odd haha.
5. Just remember you’re ageing because you’re alive – if nothing else rejoice in that fact and make those memories! My 90 year old aunt travelled to the UK from South Africa recently – she was incredibly scared before she got on the plane but we badgered so much she had to just shut us up – she LOVED her three months flitting here and there and despite having an awful chest infection for a month she is coming again in December for six months this time.
6. I love all the ladies and gents on this blog who are far more daring than me. Nothing beats a bit of eccentricity during our later years and who the heck is going to tell you what to do!!! Live Life, Have Fun.

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