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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Well Designed Cane

The other day I went to visit the offices of a wonderful company called OMHU. The staff there believes that life is both imperfect and beautiful and their aim is to," change the way people think and feel about aging and disability" by offering "joyful products that support people’s abilities as they change throughout life."

I photographed Carolyn Korb,mother of one of the company's founders, with one of OMHU's striking canes. The cane is not only well designed and beautifully constructed, but it is the perfect mobility aid for the modern age. One doesn't have to hide their metal cane any longer, in fact they can proudly display their independence with a stylish and contemporary option. For more details on OMHU check out their informative blog .


That's Not My Age said...

Great cane, and a very chic lady. Like the way Carolyn's frames match her hair.

Ferferi in Paris/Gothenburg said...

I just find this blog and I fell immediately in love with it!!!! So much inspiration, so much beauty, so much pride. I will put this adress on my bloglovin. Come over and check out my blog too if you desire!

samantha said...

I agree. .

Terri said...

I'll be passing this link along to my mother--who seems to have a cane for every occasion.

FairyFiligree said...

I once met a lady who had the most beautiful shabby chic cane I'd ever seen. There are a lot of beautiful ones out there. It's just that most people buy the boring old hospital style ones first and get stuck with them. And canes can be a very individual accessory (let's call them that because for some they are actually life-saving tools). Nice post.

Sally said...

might have to get my Dad one of these... good find!


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