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Monday, October 4, 2010

Splash of Gold

This elegant lady adds a bit of fun to her outfit with bold jewelry, her gold bag, and of course a great smile!


Anna said...

Lovely. I love her gold bag.

Viki said...

love your blog!
this lady is very smart.
i'm following you:)


Rhea Harris said...

Hi i love this blog and i referenced this blog on my blog lol. If your unhappy i can always take it down, just wanted to let u no.

BrutaLBudget said...

Wait...I LOVE your blog! This is great and SOMEONE needed to do this!

kitsch said...

Love this blog!
really cool people, so lovely!
When i get old i would like to stay on this blog!

"Guppy" Honaker said...

I can't see the jewelery mentioned in the tag line, but her gold bag and resplendent smile are wonderful!

- David

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Anonymous said...

Ari.....thank you so much for what you the dedication to MIMi........xoxoxoxo

Jan said...

I'm not a fan of the gold bag but I tend to be, maybe, too conservative in my approach to dressing and accessories. I noticed her slacks seem too large, they are "hanging" on her. The lady is definitely overweight. I am thick through the middle and in order to get a waist that fits have to go to larger sizes, and slacks are cut gigantic elsewhere! I cannot afford custom tailoring - what to do? Also, my height doesn't help issues. I'm just under 5'4" tall, and petites are too short, misses' too long; sometimes I can find a "misses short" that is the right length, but the other issue (too big from hips downward) remains.


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