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Friday, October 30, 2009

Advanced Style in Cologne

[Photos from Anders-Anziehen]
I'm always excited to find examples of advanced style on other people's blogs. My pal MISTER MORT's blog led me to a street style site out of Cologne called Anders-Anziehen, run by costume designer Sandra Smilla Dankert. Smilla presents a diverse group of ages and styles and I was particularly drawn to her awesome selection of Advanced Style. I asked if she would share these photos with us.She happily agreed and gave some great insight into these wonderful photos below:

"I asked the woman with the flowers and the hat for whom the beautiful flowers were for , and she told me ;" For myself... for the nice things in life you have an own responsibility, I" that's what she said. :-)"

"The other women ,in the blue dress, with flowers; she couldn't believe that I want to take a picture of her, she was highly surprised.She told me that she found the flowers in some garbage box on the street a minute ago, they stuck in it like a decoration.She was a very fine lady, seems to be not too rich, and spending all her money for her 4 children and about 8 or 9 grandchildren.She admired that I am a tailor and a costume designer- she was really interested in my blog project- very openhearted.She would have loved to be a Tailor as well, and then she smiled and said- "well- with 4 children you more or less just become a tailor in a way."

"I met the early bird guy this morning, around 8 , he came home from shopping. It took me a while to explain the difference between Internet and newspapers-he thought I was from the newspapers.He first was very skeptical, but somehow my great mood just reached him in a way,and he smiled- and said OK- take your picture.To be dressed well is very important to him."

"The older lady with the walking-help with the walking cart she was so great! She is 97 years old. She told me that she came to cologne in the age of 25.She was married to a fabricator of clothes, they had money, and she ran around in very chic and stylish clothes. She loved to be dressed exquisite..and special."

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos!


Dragonfly said...

They all look so lovely!

Patty Skypants said...

What a beautiful day! These people all look wonderfully happy and full of joie de vivre! Bless! xxoo

Anonymous said...

Hi Ari!

Beautiful pictures and even more so because of the stories. Very very special.

Best, J.

shooting star said...

a wonderful blog u got...
my friends always complement for my un conventional and everchanging styles....from rock chick to vinmtage to traditional...
but i had serious doubts whether i could take up such varying styles in my advanced age..reading your blog made me confident ..yeah i can!!

barbara said...

Always love the stories behind the pictures.
Gives me a special relationship to all those so interesting personalities.
Thank you for posting this german blog, didn't know it.

Anonymous said...

Keep stuff like this coming.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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