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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lunch With Jenny

Jenny stopped by my work and we had a wonderful lunch. We chatted and laughed as I snapped some photos of her outside an old church wall.


wolfwhistle said...

I can't believe how beautiful she is. Jenny, you're amazing!

Hot Cover Girls Central said...

wow that's sweet and a lovely smile

-cathy young

barbara said...

A lot of people at your site with great sense for how to combine colours. Jenny manages it in perfection.
Great bodylanguage,so slim, she should really get jobs in the modelling business.

Jk said...

I just cannot get over "Jenny" so pretty.
I also wanted to add that I watched a Yves St. Laurent:His Life and Times. documentary on the man and his life. It was so moving I cried at the end the end. I think you said you admired him to. One last thing I think its ashamed that all society wants to see in girls in there early 20s, as women age we become, so much more. Why is that?

Ana Laura said...

I think this woman GORGEOUS!!!
She an example of atitude and conciousness!
That's how I want to age.


Ana Laura

Marzipan said...

So glamorous!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous lady! She looks like a cross between Lauren Bacall & Ava Gardner. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

so simple and pulled together! And I must be headed in the right style direction...I own this same skirt! :)


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