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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Christine looks fantastic every time I see her. I took her photo a while back and have run into her several times since then , always wearing her trademark bakelite braceletes . Her style, a mix of modern and vintage elements , is imbued with a romantic spirit.


samantha ezra. said...

her selection of bracelets are really nice!

great snaps (:

thwany said...

were the first few shots taken on rivington in the les?

also, i'm totally digging all her bracelets.

barbara said...

Christine wears always an imaginative look.
Love the outfit with the plaid skirt and the lot of bracelets.
Very Girbaud.

Henrietta said...

I love the snapped coat, the hat, and hand-warmers in the first shot! I recently made a pair of hand-warmers almost identical to those. Can she tell us where she got that amazing coat??


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