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Friday, September 11, 2009

Advanced Style Fashion Week Icon

[Photos by MISTER MORT]

MISTER MORT has mastered the art of spotting sharply dressed ladies and gents. Click on the pics above to see more of his great shots.


Marina said...

very adorable man

The Sideshow Scrapbook said...

wow.....I love his crazy style

samantha ezra. said...

i love the variation in hats! one for every occasion? (:

Fab50Plus said...

Love the way he's rockin' the plaid! Unique to say the least! Nothing stodgy about this wonderful gentleman's approach to style!

Enrique said...

i saw this fellow crossing the street and wanted to take a snap. but alas, i've forgotten my camera. great shots, mr.mort!

baby crib said...

He is true adorable. It is a crazy style but it looks good to him. The hat is nice. What is most adorable on what he wear is the short.

Carl said...

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Anonymous said...

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