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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An Advanced Friendship

Mary, who I met on the street the other day looking sharp in Nanette Lepore, came to visit me at The New Museum with her friend Doris. I asked them about how they met, and the two let me in on a little of their history.

Mary: We've been friends for about 30 years.
Doris: We worked together at the Whitney Art Museum.
Mary: I was fired for insubordination.
Doris: I offered to help her fight for her job--
Mary: And she had a very high position there! But I didn't want her to have to fight for it, because of my boss. He was nicknamed "Lobotomy."

As Mary and Doris have advanced in age, they've maintained an appreciation for each other's fashion sense, and still firmly believe in looking their best every day.


r l n ! said...

cool shoes!

20th Century Woman said...

Lovely ladies, brave, too.

Sasha said...

these are aaaaaaaaaaamazing!!!

That Girl Ang said...

They are too cute.

samantha ezra. said...

aw they're adorable!

Fiona said...

Just fantastic!

barbara said...

Never thought, that Corbusier frames could work onwomen, but so it does!
So nice to see those gorgeous ladies together in their different and adorable styles.

Dr. Ding said...

So sassy and well, sassy!

thwany said...

aww, they're adorable.


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