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Friday, June 26, 2009

Here Come The Men In Hats

From berets to Borsalinos older guys always seem to have the best hats. When I was a little kid my grandpa gave me one of his old fisherman's hats which I wore nonstop for years. These days I try and mix it up and the guys above definitely provide me with great inspiration!


Angela said...

Love the men in hats!

Bruce said...

I have a nice Borsalino fur-felt trilby on it's way from the USA.
With winter here (Australia) I'm looking forward to wearing it.

Pearl Westwood said...

I do love hats, my favourite is the guy with the military hat and matching bow tie!
You have such a great blog!

bonnie-ann black said...

i do love a man in a glengarry (the military style hat)... and a handsome devil he is too!

Duchesse said...

Hats had died out for years among young men but now I see them wearing porkpies and fedoras. Many do not know hat etiquette, though.

JamiSings said...

My favorite is the gentleman with the green tie. There's something about his hat, his face, and his clothing that makes me think of a pulp fiction detective, aged well. A perfect gentleman to the law abidding. Protector of damsels in distress. And a real bulldog to those who dare break the law, hurt a woman, injure a kid, or even kick a puppy.

Or maybe I just read too much.

LOL My verification word is "Spylize"! Like some cross between "spy" and "stylize."

Duch - sure I'll get torn to pieces for this, but hat etiquette seems to have died out as the psycho-uber-feminists gain more control. Claiming stuff like "doff your cap in front of a lady" is "demeaning."

r l n ! said...

so many different hats AND faces!


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