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Friday, May 1, 2009

Advanced Artist: Sue Kreitzman

Sue Kreitzman is an artist out of England, who curated a show called Wild Old Women, showcasing the work of women middle aged to elderly. She came into the New Museum dressed in wonderful clothing made by her friend Lauren Shanley who accompanied her along with jewelry designer Amanda Caines. Sue was included in her first art show at the age of 65 and she continues to work and inspire others today.


marjorie said...

not only do i love her style, i love her face. that's a woman who enjoys life. rock on, art lady!

Brian said...

Sue is also a writer of fantastic cookbooks about low-fat eating (Slim Cuisine, Low-Fat Desserts, The Quick After-Work Low Fat Cookbook, etc). Her writing style is as exuberant and inspiring as her art!

Beverly Kaye said...

Sue's art is as exciting as her persona! She showed her work in and curated Wild Old Women and it was a smash hit!
Love your blog!


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