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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Doris Eaton

Thanks to LIEBEMARLENE for introducing us to Doris Eaton, the oldest living Ziegfeld star and subject of a new book entitled,Century Girl: 100 Years in the Life of Doris Eaton Travis Last Living Star of the Ziegfeld Follies. Check out a video of her below, still going strong at 101 years old.


Jessica said...

I saw this on Liebemarlene and I'm so glad you found a video! She is phenomenal.

Stay golden said...

Wow what an amazing woman!

sallie parker said...

In heaven
Everything is fine

What Kat Did said...

Oh my God, Dorris is delightful.

Please check out my blog post on Haute Couture, if you watch the videos there are many examples of Advanced Style that I'm sure will be of interest.

elbereth said...

That is such a great video. She's lovely! Thanks for posting it!

jacqueline said...

Thanks for the post - I made a post on my blog (Fat Penny) with this video, I was so impressed and also mentioned your blog--the pics are wonderful!


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