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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Candid Camera Phone

I snapped this photo with my camera phone on the Subway. I was fascinated by this woman's hand-painted and crafted attire and accessories. Her eclectic mix of shapes, colors, and patterns work in total harmony here. She is definitely inspiring to me.

Back in my college days I went through a phase where I would dress in New-Age style . My friends started to call me Nari: New-Age Ari. This outift would have been perfect for me circa 2003.
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Article of Interest...

This article about Vivienne Westwood from 2002 highlights exactly the kind of creative inspiration I wish we saw more of:

"Last week the godmother of sedition struck again when she unveiled the final-year collections by her students at the Berlin University of Art fashion department. The designs were modeled by inmates of an old people's home. 'Life becomes richer as you grow old,' she declared. 'I like the aging process and have no problem with it.'"

Amazing Ancestry!

In response to "Amazing Anne" (see below -- amazing indeed!), I agree with Ari -- the lady brings to mind a way classic look that really ought to be seen on the streets more often. As for her predecessors, one probably jumps to everyone's mind:

Diane Keaton's old signature, floppy-but-flattering suit deal is still a good idea. At 62 years old, she's still playing her strong suit, if you will, and looks cool.

This rings true for a vintage Lauren Hutton as well:

I love old-time Lauren Hutton (I was named after her!). Major babe!

All I'm saying is, the three-piece suit, maybe with a hat? Worth trying. If you happen to have gap teeth, well, then you're just lucky. As for Amazing Anne's orange sneakers, that was a stroke of genius that made for a look all her own.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Amazing Anne pt.2 (a closer look)

Anne's look reminds me of a mix between Lauren Hutton and Diane Keaton.She definitely has more of an edge with those great shoes and laces.
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Amazing Anne pt.1

I noticed Anne's shoes from a mile away in the Upper East Side. She informed me that she had been garnering a lot of attention from them and she lifted them up for me to get a better look.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Check Out Those Kicks!

Does it really get any better than this? You'll see this gal around the West Village always sporting a creative and unexpected look. I have a feeling she'll be popping up a lot more on the Blog. I just bought a new camera today so expect pictures to look a little better from now on...
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Sunday, August 24, 2008


You can learn a lot from the people more wise and experienced than yourself. I chatted with this fine fellow for a while and found that he and Giada have such a great outlook on life. They traveled from Long Island to have a day in the city. When I explained the premise of the blog to them they replied, "Just go ahead and call us old, there's only one way to get where we're going!"
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Lookin' Good

What else needs to be said? We should all hope to look this tasteful. As my friend Paulie always says, "Good Energy."
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Dream Couple

These two were so great. We stopped and chatted in the West Village for a while. Giada and I have something in common: we both love the diamonds. Check out her site at . I also have solo shots following.
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"You Just Made My Day."

This dude is really rad. When I stopped to talk to him he couldn't believe I wanted his picture. Are you kidding me?! He looks great! He told me that he was almost seventy and that I had just made his day. I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat and probably not look as good as he does.
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Sophisticated Lady

I stopped this lovely lady on Houston and asked if I could snap her photo. She proved to be a great model. Very well put together for a day of shopping and running around town. She looks likes she's just had a day at the races!
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Goth is The New Grey

I was blown away by the style and beauty of this woman. Her bold black nails and lipstick reminded me of how girls my own age would go out. She told me that she was not doing so great that day, but I let her know that she looked awesome and she quickly turned and posed for a few shots.
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"Fire Away!"

My interaction with this gentleman outside of Whole Foods on Houston was especially charming. After spotting him from outside, I waited to ask if I could get his picture. When I was a kid I always wore one of my grandfather's fishing hats, which I would grab from his closet. This man's style and character reminding me a little of both of my grandfathers and when I asked him if I could take his picture he exclaimed, "Fire away!"
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Hamburg Beauty

This stunning German woman in stripes caught my eye as I was walking down Bleeker. I stopped to take her picture and several people gathered around to ask who had made her dress. She promptly pulled out the card of a designer friend who had created what she was wearing.
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Hats Off!

This a photo of a woman named Mimi Weddell from the website for her movie Hats Off. I was very fortunate to meet and talk with her at the premiere of her film, which documents a decade of her life as a hard-working free spirit with style to inspire all. I highly recommend paying a visit to her site and checking out some of the clips posted.

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Welcome to Advanced Style


My name is Ari Cohen and this is my very first Blog. I hope to use this as a forum to document the inspirational street fashion of our respected elders. I have always looked to street fashion for inspiration and since moving to New York four months ago I noticed how awesome so many of New York's older men and women styled. My main goal is to capture examples of "Advanced Style" from the sophisticated and well dressed to the accidentally stylish and colorful folks out on the town. I will post submissions from all over so feel free to send photos and captions to

I took the photo above in a Seattle park. I stopped to talk to these two Russian women whose style stood out against the gang of hipsters playing kickball in the field near by.
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